David Seelig - David P. Seelig-Seelig and Associates Inc

Edison, New Jersey 1 comment
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Mr.Seelig ripped us office for several thousands.

His commericial describe his tax services as a client advocate. He uses scare tactics once he gets your retainer for unecessary work to then demands huges fees.

We have filed suit against him in New York to get our money back. At one point they almost filed documents with the public court records that published our social security numbers, had I not stopped him.

His partner and lawyer Bradley Dorin gives me the impression that his legal experience and professionalism is pathectic.I hope someday to get our money back for the nothing worth of anything they performed.

Review about: Tax Advocate.



Do not trust him or his associate Bradley Dorin.They are truly two of the most professionals I ever met that I would not trust.

I am going to inquire about them with legal authorities. They simply do not seem like legitimate who they represent who they are to the public which appears to be only as a way to be privy to the public individual's private personal information.

I am going to check into time immediately.Public beware here!!

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